Monday, March 09, 2009

There's a lot of that going around.

Jetpacks posted a funny earlier today about a Florida agency looking for a copywriter. So, imagine my joy at, on the same day, happening on this craigslist ad here in Philly.

At the start it serves up the usual tired cliches typical of ads in for an exciting career in marketing. "doing whatever it takes" and "an integral member of a team of all-stars" usually means you're going to wind up in a boiler room cube farm, direct marketing subscriptions to the Inquirer to the next poor bastard the auto dialer serves up. But, no. This is not one of those jobs. This is a special job, and it requires a special person. How special? How about this?

* Lives to write; writes to live. You know who you are. Pencils down.

* Has a fire in the belly. Walks through walls. Takes no prisoners. In a word: driven. Even when no one is watching. Especially then.

* Social connector. You are the hub of your social world. You know everyone. Everyone knows you. You are the Mayor. The fun one. Diplomatic, too.
Now, that's special! It's hard not to wonder just what kind or writers they hope to attract with an ad that comprised entirely of cliches and hyperbole. It's also hard not to wonder just how shallow and self-absorbed one would have to be to read that description and think, "Hey! That's me!" So, keeping with the YELP!'s desire for "compelling" writing, I offer this edit.
Are you a special person who doesn't understand why people don't recognize your greatness, and, instead, think you're an asshole? Have we got the job for you!
Pencils down.

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