Thursday, March 26, 2009

More than just a piece of meat.


Anonymous said...

Then, after she ate it, she ran upstairs to her apartment and threw it up. Sorry, I'm not the demo they're after! :)

phillybikeboy said...

Maybe these are more your speed?

Okay, clearly, Carl Jr's has a specific demo in mind, even when it's not all about the cheesecake,

Oh, wait! Here's one with a little something for the ladies.

Anonymous said...

OK....eeewww! I get it. Carl's/Hardees doesn't want girls to eat their greasy, disgusting, shitty food. Even though I love a good burger (with a cold beer ...another thing advertisers get wrong!) ...they've made theirs look pretty gross. Oh, and thanks for sharing David H.....he's gross, too!