Sunday, September 14, 2008


I can just hear the inner dialog.

"Hmmmmmm....roof rack, or bitchin' paint job?"

"Bitchin' paint job, or roof rack?"

"Bitchin' paint job. Definitely."

From Cycling Weekly's coverage of the Tour of Britain:
Rock Racing's day of pain began when Oscar Sevilla crashed after hitting a cat eye and brought Hamilton down with him. Rock Racing's team car does not carry any spare bikes because it does not have a roof rack and so Hamilton had to change bikes three times, using a neutral service bike and then a bike borrowed from Great Britain. He missed the decisive attack on Exmoor and finished the stage blooded and brooding.
Michael Ball Tyler Hamilton deserve each other.

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2bikeproductions said...

unfortunately it is actually very common for visiting teams to not have roof rack on team cars at races like this. In the 5 years I spent as a team mechanic there usually was at least one team at every major international event I was at that didn't have spare bikes on their car, just wheels.

that side, it must have sucked for Rock Racing.